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Wine and Cupcake Class

The next Wine and Cupcake Class will be held Sat, Oct 28th from 430pm-630pm.

-Registration: This course requires

-Supplies: Materials needed to complete the course project will be supplied.

-Beverages: Students may bring a bottle of wine of their preference to enjoy during the course. Wine glasses and opener will be available.

-Appetizers: Will be provided

-Capacity: Limited to 10 students per course. Groups of 5 will receive a $5.00 discount per student. Groups of 10 require a private class and will receive a $10.00 discount per student.

Classes are held at Indy's Kitchen,
2442 N. Central Ave.

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Classes are held for individuals or groups. Available classes can be found in the class brochure. If you are interested in taking a class, please fill out the Class Request form with your name, phone number, and the class title.